Case Studies

Automated Production Line - Aerospace Manufacturer

A large scale conveyored oven system with robotic automation was required for an aerospace based company, After defining the requirements for the client we begun the journey creating the ideal.

CDS Airtek’s bespoke fully automated solution, includes heating and cooling sections, as well as extraction through a mezzanine walkway. Each section allows for independant operation, meaning additional heating or cooling can be applied should it be required.

The robotic automation also allows for better control to ensure that operation produces consistent high quality product whilst reducing the man power required to run the line.

Replacement Oven System -Automotive Manufacturer

Airtek were approached to provide a solution for an inefficient and unreliable oven system. The previous oven was deemed inefficient and unreliable, costing a lot to run, causing long downtime and needing a large amount offactory floor to house it.

CDS Airtek’s solution replaced the existing, unreliable oven with a smaller, smarter, energy efficient oven. We were also approached again by the same company to supply a compact, energy efficient & maintenance friendly oven for a new production line which will provide safer working conditions whilst resulting in reduced running costs and downtime.

Airtek’s provided two modern products which are cost effective and will provide safe and efficient operation.

Bespoke Coating Drying Oven -Defence Manufacturer

CDS Airtek were contacted by a leading manufacturer in the defence industry. The company required a large batch oven for paint drying of components with strict temperature requirements.

Airtek provided a bespoke system to meet the customers needs. The system supplied maintains strict temperature conformity and provides consistent air flow which was a necessity for product uniformity during production runs. Airtek also provided a shelving system within the oven to allow products to be suspended during the curing process. The system has a rapid ramp up process to fit in with the companies existing production process. The company have since returned for further work.

Ventilation System - Managing Hazardous Substances

CDS Airtek designed, manufactured & are to install a ventilation system to service aerosol and solvent adhesive sections of a warehouse facility for a distribution company.

Airtek’s proposed a forced ventilation system which draws air from the adjacent heated warehouse and distributes it into the aerosol and solvent adhesive sections. A series of low & high level louvres on the opposite wall of the warehouse provide egress of the air from the warehouse thereby achieving the desired ventilation rates. This was in accordance with COMAH and other relevant regulations. Airtek provided a cost effective solution that ensures the correct method for removing hazardous substances.

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