Empowering Sustainable Construction: CDS Group R-O2 Energy Efficient Curing Technology Used by Kenoteq

24 Jan 2024 | BY CDS Group Marketing Team

In the spotlight at COP28 Dubai, CDS Group proudly reveals its pivotal role in curing the revolutionary K-BRIQs by Kenoteq, crafted from recycled construction waste. Here’s a closer look at the collaboration that’s reshaping the industry.



Kenoteq’s Sustainable Triumph

Kenoteq’s K-BRIQs, born near Edinburgh from recycled waste, starred in a 7,000-brick wall at COP28. The circular economy embodied, these bricks secured Sustainable Design of the Year at the 2022 Dezeen Awards.

CDS Group’s Contribution

CDS Group’s R-O2 technology played a vital role in curing the K-BRIQs, ensuring efficiency and eco-friendliness in the manufacturing process.

Global Impact at COP28

The K-BRIQs replaced traditional bricks, delivering a substantial three-tonne carbon saving during COP28. With a total savings of nearly 88 tonnes to date, this sustainable solution is making waves globally.

Commitment to Sustainability

CDS Group aligns with Kenoteq’s mission, contributing to a low-carbon future. The partnership emphasizes our dedication to offering energy-efficient thermal processing solutions.

Inspiring Innovation

As Dubai Holding’s showcase space at COP28 featured K-BRIQs, it underlines a global interest in sustainable building materials. The collaboration signifies a stride towards a low-carbon future.

Leadership in Sustainable Solutions

Join us in propelling sustainable construction forward. CDS Group, alongside industry leaders Kenoteq and Heriot-Watt University, is committed to driving innovation in thermal processing solutions.

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