R-O2 Drying Technology

To further improve the drying speed of ceramic products, CDS has developed a patented R-02 drying technology that uses energy efficient dry super-heated steam to replace the air/oxygen from the drying process. Thus improving the thermal efficiencies and yields of ceramic dryers.

R-02 benefits as recorded by customers have been as follows:

  • Lowest possible energy consumptions, up to 25% less than best recorded conventional drying times.
  • Shortest possible drying times for all ceramics.
  • Zero percentage drying losses.
  • Reduction of energy requirements.
  • Capability to accept difficult one-piece products, much earlier into the dryer, vastly reducing work in progress and consequently saving valuable floor space.

R-02 drying advantages include:

  • Specific heat of steam is twice that of normal air, hence it can transfer more than twice the amount of heat for the same mass air flow.
  • Viscosity of steam is approximately half that of air at the same temperature creating a much greater effect, in particular on difficult shaped products.

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