Humidification & Atomisation Systems

The CDS Humidification System is ideal for increasing the level of relative humidity within our range of Curing Systems. This is achieved by introducing atomised water vapour into the process/system without causing wet areas or water drop out.

The CDS Humidification System produces a highly controllable Ultrafine fog (down to 1micron) and when integrated with humidity sensors for automated control, the relative humidity in the curing atmosphere can be maintained at a precise and consistent level for optimum curing.



  • Smaller water droplets <5micron
  • Mains water pressure – No pump
  • Can be duct mounted on a lance or in open chambers
  • Easy to operate &control
  • Saves 90% on steam energy
  • High Relative Humidity can be maintained up to 98%
  • Self cleaning every cycle
  • Complete evaporation – No wet floors
  • Reduced wear and maintenance
  • Consistent quality of atomisation

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